Perform audits and quality improvement of ERAS intervention implementation

Audits are critical in the assessment of quality improvement like implementation of ERAS pathways. Audits should include data collection. This includes review of clinical outcomes ( length of stay, readmissions, complications), non-clinical outcomes (patient satisfaction, economics, patient experience), and offers opportunities to update the ERAS pathway based on up-to-date evidence and patient/provider experiences within specific healthcare settings. Auditing and review of quality improvement also helps maintain a culture of fluid/dynamic policy and procedures that are always being updated and improved as needed based on new evidence. Auditing ERAS pathway compliance, in particular, is important to ERAS pathway assessment given that ERAS compliance is often less than expected. Relative effectiveness of auditing and feedback is more likely to be greater when compliance to the ERAS pathway is low.
SNOMED_CT Problem=129825007(PB0041); SNOMED_CT Cat-Tar=424556009 (CG0004, TG0066)
  • continuity of care