Essential services (shelter)

Persons experiencing homelessness, or at risk for homelessness, may be at greater risk for infection during a pandemic. Overnight emergency shelters, day shelters, and meal service providers should be used to provide essential shelter and basic needs. Those with suspected or confirmed disease should stay in a place where they can best be isolated from other people to prevent spreading the infection. Key words: Vulnerable populations, demographics, race, ethnicity, age, homelessness, poverty, essential workers, housing insecurity, Chronic kidney disease, Chronic lung disease, Diabetes, Immunocompromised state, Liver disease, Moderate/severe asthma, Serious heart conditions, Severe obesity, LGBTQAI

SNOMED_CT Problem=191415002 (PB0050); SNOMED_CT Cat-Tar=385985008 (CG0002, TG0027)
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