Spiritual comfort

When coping with difficult circumstances, one’s beliefs and value system can be challenged as one’s sense of “normal” is interrupted. Issues of spiritual distress, including overwhelming emotions, may or may not be grounded in a particular religious belief or spiritual practice. Spiritual distress can affect one’s whole being – body, mind, and spirit. In times of loss, coordinate a date and time for family and friends to honor your loved one by reciting a selected poem, spiritual reading, or prayer from within their own households. Some cultures practice a prolonged mourning period with multiple observances, so hosting virtual events now and in-person events later may be in keeping with these practices. Seek spiritual support from faith-based organizations, including religious leaders and congregations, when needed. People who are not part of a faith tradition or religious community can seek support from other trusted community leaders and friends. Changing religious rituals in consultation with clergy and other religious leaders should be considered. Key words: pastor, chaplain, last rites, prayer, ritual, funeral

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